Escursioni e Diving

The hotel is located on the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, and it is full of natural, historical and artistic beauties which cannot be missed. We provide a rich program of funny excursions and activities, some of them also suitable for kids, aimed to discover a different and unusual part of Calabria that will let you experience a tailor made vacation full of culture, and art and history. From the hotel you can quickly reach the Pollino National Park (the Tyrrhenian side specifically) and explore some sections of the natural reserve with the support of professional guides, Diamante famous for its murals, Maratea and its 44 Churches, Praia a mare famous for its Dino Island and the Arcomagno of St. Nicholas Arcella of immeasurable beauty. Moreover, a convenient bike rental service, finally allows our guests to use mountain bikes and e-bikes, also equipped with seats and protective helmets for children, for a pleasant ride with all the family.